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Ultima Mapper is a full-featured mapping application for Ultima Online, with support for health tracking, corpse tracking, and a whole lot more!

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What Operating Systems Are Supported? Windows 7, 8, and 10. It may or may not function as expected on XP. How Do I Get It To Work With EC?

UM’s EC support relies on Pinco’s UI Mod, or a custom MapWindow.lua file for position and battle logging. For support when not using a UI Mod, follow these steps:

Extract the Default.zip file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Enhanced Client\UserInterface\ directory

Download the MapWindow.lua file in the downloads section, and place it in the following directory under your Enhanced Client program files directory: UserInterface\Default\Source


Directory Example for Windows 7/Vista/XP 64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Enhanced Client\UserInterface\Default\Source

Directory Example for Windows 7/Vista/XP 32-bit: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Enhanced Client\UserInterface\Default\Source

When starting Ultima Mapper for the first time, it is setup to use the Enhanced Client out of the box. It attempts to automatically locate your install directory. If your EC support is not working after installing the modified MapWindow.lua, and enabling Ultima Mapper support in Pinco’s UI Mod’s settings, you may need to set the EC install directory within the program options by right-clicking the map and selecting “Settings.” This directory should point to the EC root directory, such as: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Enhanced Client\

If logging isn’t working when you are not using Pinco’s, please be sure that you have selected the second “Default” listing under User Interface options.

How Do I Get It To Work With CC? With recent changes, it just works. UOAssist or other compatible assistant is required for Classic Client per Broadsword/EA guidelines. Why Can't My Friend See Me? Assuming you're connected to an Ultima Mapper server, just do some moving around in-game. Why Isn't Mapper Tracking Me? Make sure that you've checked "Center on Character" in the View menu. If it still doesn't track you, head through a moongate. If using Classic Client, click the "View" menu followed by "Next Character" -- repeat until it shows your position. How Do I Remove A Corpse Marker? Right-click the map and select "Clear Corpse Markers". Why can't I see any Markers? Click on the "Markers" menu, then "Select". From the resulting window you may either select those marker categories you wish to see in the list by clicking the checkbox to the far left, or simply click "Select All". Click OK to save. Where are markers that I add to the map stored? These are stored in the Markers directory of your resource path, in a file called user.xml How can I create my own overlays? Look in the Overlays folder of the default resource path to see examples of each currently available type. Where is my Resource Path By default, the resource path is a folder in your Documents directory called Ultima Mapper. You can change this, or view your currently set resource path by going to File > Settings. How do I setup an Ultima Mapper server? Setting up a server is straight-forward for anyone with a bit of networking knowledge. If you don't understand port forwarding, then it is recommended that you request a Mapper network on one of my servers. What is Panic Mode Panic mode inform anyone connected to the same Ultima Mapper network that you're in trouble by displaying a message on their map and flashing the map red. How do I trigger Panic Mode? Shift+CTRL+ALT+Z Why does Mapper's titlebar always say "Not Logged In"? Assuming you are using Classic Client, you are most likely running an assistant that doesn't fully implement the UOAssist API. How can I create my own Marker pack? The easiest way is to clear your user.xml file in the Markers directory, add the markers you want via the map, then rename your user.xml file (IE: My Awesome Marker Pack.xml) Can I alter the map in Paint/GIMP/Photoshop? It is recommended that any map changes be made to an alternate resource directory. Create a copy of your resource directory, make the changes to the maps in that folder, and update your resource path in File > Settings. How can I add multiple lines of text to markers? Use /n in the marker's description text to begin a new line. Why won't Mapper stay on top? For Classic Client, your assistant must support the full UOAssist API if you wish to use Smart On Top. In those cases where Smart On Top is not functioning properly, you can disable it in File > Settings > Client tab. I can't see the Mapper window or I dragged Mapper off my screen and can't get it back! With the splash screen visible, hold the CTRL key until you see the main Mapper window. Mapper crashed with an error! Find the file debug.log in your resource path and PM it to me. Mapper crashed without an error! Immediately upon launching Mapper (just after your click Yes on the elevation screen), hold down the ALT key. This will generate a debug.log file in your resource path. PM that file to me. HTML Markers and/or Server Invites aren't working! Reinstall Mapper. Why is Mapper asking to update so often? As Mapper is constantly under active development, updates are released often to address bugs or add new features.
Build 124 - 2.9.49 (July 9, 2019) ----------------------------------- [FIX] More exception handling when polling the server connection. Build 123 - 2.9.48 (July 9, 2019) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Removes phantom sessions after verifying that it's not a valid user. [FIX] Find window now redraws properly when resized. [FIX] Find window once again has a maximize button. [FIX] More exception handling and nil checking in polling. Build 122 - 2.9.47 (April 2, 2019) ----------------------------------- [ADD] More marker icons with permission. [FIX] Fixed mixed identifier loading from user.xml. Build 121 - 2.9.46 (March 30, 2019) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Re-added Ban functionality to Admin Options. Build 120 - 2.9.45 (March 27, 2019) ----------------------------------- [ADD] Oval overlay definition. [ADD] Rectangle and Oval overlay definitions now support relative positioning. See CharRadius.xml for example. [FIX] Added some more cleanup to the app quit process to dodge an odd crash on quit. [FIX] Real-Time Updates can now be disabled. Build 119 - 2.9.44 (February 12, 2018) ----------------------------------- [ADD] Server network connections can now have aliases. Existing networks will use the Network Name until an Alias is added. [ADD] Idle functionality added, where user's color can be changed after a specified time period. See settings to enable. Build 118 - 2.9.43 (February 5, 2019) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Adding a marker from the menubar now autofills your current position and facet in the Add Marker window. [FIX] When double-clicking the map, border and on-top are now toggled independently. [FIX] When double-clicking the map, View > Keep On Top's state is now properly updated. [FIX] Failures on Add Marker window now display a message as to what went wrong. Build 117 - 2.9.42 (January 29, 2019) ----------------------------------- [ADD] Discord and Web Site links added to File menu. [ADD] After dragging the map or changing facet via the View menu while Center on Character is True, the map will no longer snap back to your character until you move in-game. [ADD] More logging and error trapping to the UOA API window find operations. [FIX] Find > Coordinates window should no longer constantly lose focus to the main window. [FIX] Once again properly remembers your Center on Character setting between launches. Build 116 - 2.9.41 (January 6, 2019) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Should no longer default to Enhanced Client. It was never meant to, but something got munged. [FIX] Attempted to some UOA API refinements that might help users of unsupported assistants. [FIX] Minor refactoring in directory detection for EC. Build 115 - 2.9.40 (January 2, 2019) ----------------------------------- [ADD] Character coordinates color can now be set in Settings > Overlays [ADD] Mouse coordinates color can now be set in Settings > Overlays [ADD] Zoom text color can now be set in Settings > Overlays [FIX] Houses no longer draw on top of Panic Mode notification. Build 114 - 2.9.39 (December 3, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] No longer throws an OutOfBoundsException when setting other users' healthbars too small. [FIX] No longer intermittently throws a ThreadAccessingUIException when connecting to a network. [FIX] No longer randomly hangs when clicking OK in settings and using Enhanced Client. Build 113 - 2.9.38 (December 1, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Sockets now explicitly flush data when sending position updates. This may speed things up. Build 112 - 2.9.37 (November 27, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Once again tracks Enhanced Client X/Y properly, instead of just facet changes. Build 111 - 2.9.36 (November 25, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Map update speed issue related to rotation fixed. [NOTE] This version starts the changes for supporting the new server. The 2.9 version line will end when the new server is released, and I'll be bumping to 3.0 as there will be a great deal of additonal function. There will be no updates until 3.0. Build 110 - 2.9.35 (November 23, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] More fixes for missing map files (variable facet support). [FIX] Refactored map settings loading method. [FIX] Modifying markers once again works properly. Build 109 - 2.9.34 (November 18, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Marker select list once again updates the row icon when toggling selection. Build 108 - 2.9.33 (November 17, 2018) ----------------------------------- [ADD] Multiline marker text. Use "/n" in marker description to start a new line. Note that all lines after the first will only be displayed when hovered if Always Show Labels is True. [ADD] File > Connect submenu renamed to "Network" [FIX] View > Center on Character once again works as expected. [FIX] View > Facet once again disables Center on Character. [FIX] View > Center on Character after changing Facet in View menu once again resets facet to character facet. [FIX] Marker Import now properly imports to user.xml. [FIX] Admin Options menu item moved to File > Network. [FIX] Canceling update after download has started now fails gracefully instead of trying to launch the incomplete installer. [FIX] Checkboxes on Select Markers screen now look better (even at 200% display scaling). [FIX] Large skinned buttons now draw correctly on HiDPI. [FIX] Go menu is now only visible when a proper UOAssist connection is detected, or when using Enhanced Client. [FIX] Tillerman menu item is now only visible when a proper UOAssist connection is detected, or when using Enhanced Client. [NOTE] Stripped out a bunch of code that was either never polished enough to be implemented, or hasn't been used in almost a decade. [NOTE] Removed some extraneous images. Build 107 - 2.9.32 (November 15, 2018) ----------------------------------- [ADD] Panic mode! Trigger with Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Z. Flashes map red for you and others on network. Notifies others that you're in trouble via map overlay. Adds an icon to the panicking member's item in the right-click menu. Panic duration is around 5 seconds to limit potential for abuse. [ADD] New Keeps and Castles now display on Map. [FIX] If you previously used Mapper with Center on Character turned off, Mapper will no longer ignore that setting when relaunching. It will center once, then no more unless the setting is toggled via the View menu. [FIX] Smart Keep On Top now properly disables without restarting Mapper when disabled in Settings. [FIX] Chat no longer throws an exception. [FIX] Chat BG image now loads properly again. Build 106 - 2.9.31 (November 14, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] NilObjectException when changing Movement Trail colors. Build 105 - 2.9.30 (November 13, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Cascading network error message box hell. Build 104 - 2.9.29 (November 11, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Next character no longer reaches a dead zone when trying to switch from last detected Classic Client to first detected Classic Client. [FIX] Once again properly closes UOAssist messaging when switching between clients (introduced in build 92) Build 103 - 2.9.28 (November 10, 2018) ----------------------------------- [ADD] Custom overlay system round 1 (Lines and Rects) [ADD] Now creates a debug log on any unhandled exception. [ADD] Now throws a message box on any unhandled exception. [ADD] More verbose messaging for server connection issues. [ADD] A LOT more error catching on load. [FIX] Users can no longer connect to a server with the Display Name "NewUser". [FIX] Now validates network settings before attempting to connect. [NOTE] Removed the easter eggs. Less bloat. Only one person ever found them anyway. [NOTE] Removed some windows and code that was no longer used. Build 102 - 2.9.27 (November 8, 2018) ----------------------------------- [ADD] Hide Markers While Dragging setting. [ADD] For Classic Client: If chat beeps are enabled, will now display a message in-game that a new message has arrived. [FIX] Faster redraws for server mate changes. [FIX] Vastly improved marker coordinate matching algorithm with fuzzy comparative logic for marker selection based on cursor coordinates (closest marker center to the cursor is now the one selected). [FIX] Map loading rewritten to allow for fewer facets than the default. [FIX] A bit more speed to network updates. Build 101 - 2.9.26 (November 4, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Reenabled admin checking on launch. [FIX] Marker coordinate matching algorithm improvements. Build 100 - 2.9.25 (November 4, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Titlebar now updates properly when not fully logged in. [FIX] Now gets shard name from UOA instead of window scanning. [FIX] View > Next Character should be more reliable. [FIX] More network speed adjustments. [REM] Rolled back battle color change. With UOA connectivity what is, just can't get it to function the way I want (the way I've implemented it in EC). Build 99 - 2.9.24 (November 3, 2018) ----------------------------------- [ADD] Scale Markers On Hover setting. [ADD] Center on Character to right-click menu. [FIX] Another pass at client-side network speed. [REM] Rolled back settings file override in executable directory. Would interfere with future plans. Build 98 - 2.9.23 (November 2, 2018) ----------------------------------- [ADD] Mapper will now check for a user settings file in the executable path, and use that if it exists. [ADD] Mapper will now save its current executable location to the config file as MapperPath to allow other tools to launch it. [FIX] Fixed another edge case that caused Mapper to not start for some users. Build 97 - 2.9.22 (November 2, 2018) ----------------------------------- [ADD] You can now quickly follow other players on the server via the right-click menu. [ADD] All user Marker changes now save to a new marker file called "user.xml". If you build custom packs, you should create your markers from the entries in this file. [ADD] Users' names now appear red if they were recently damaged (or if they haven't sent an update packet since their initial position packet). [FIX] Network update speed increase attempt. This may help those who have said that Mapper only updates other users' positions every couple of seconds. Build 96 - 2.9.21 (November 1, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] More issues with Mapper not starting on some Windows 10 machines. [FIX] Resource path was sometimes not being found, depending on name. Build 95 - 2.9.20 ----------------------------------- [FIX] Movement trail bugs on Settings window. Build 94 - 2.9.19 (November 1, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Admin elevation appears to be causing problems. Attempted fix (works here). [NOTE] End of life for 32-bit. 64-bit from here on out. Build 92 - 2.9.17 (October 31, 2018) ----------------------------------- [ADD] SmartOnTop is now optional, and can be enabled in Settings under the Client tab. [FIX] UOAssist detection methods modified. Hopefully this addresses issues some of you were seeing when switching clients. Build 91 - 2.9.16 (October 31, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Minor fix for UOAssist support not working under some circumstances. [FIX] Removed client selection from Go menu for Classic Client (not needed). Build 90 - 2.9.15 (October 31, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] No longer defaults to using EC systems. [FIX] Mapper no longer always tries to stay on top when Classic Client is closed. [FIX] Server invite protocol was munged a bit. Just a bit. Not munged now. Much less mung. [FIX] Tillerman refinements. [FIX] More Smart On Top refinements. Was interfering with other Mapper windows. Build 89 - 2.9.14 (October 27, 2018) ----------------------------------- [FIX] Smart on top went all kinds of stupid. Fixed now. Build 88 - 2.9.13 (October 27, 2018) ----------------------------------- [ADD] System URL Protocol for network invitations. [ADD] Copy Invite button on Network Admin window. [ADD] "Keep On Top" now uses a smart method that keeps Mapper on top only when UO has focus. [FIX] Markers "Always Show Labels" caption in Settings. [FIX] Resource path detection/selection refinements. No more load loops. Build 87 - 2.9.12 (October 21, 2018) ----------------------------------- [ADD] Will now prompt for the resource directory on load if it can't be found at the default path. [ADD] Now supports saving multiple Network profiles, and quick switching. [ADD] You can now set markers to always have visible labels in Settings. [FIX] Resource browse button no longer floats across all tabs in Settings window. [FIX] Can once again import markers. [FIX] Zoom level now accomodates values between 10% and 700%. [FIX] Zoom level is once again saved and loaded between uses. [FIX] Go Menu fixed and revived for both Classic and Enhanced Clients! [FIX] Tillerman fixed and revived for both Classic and Enhanced Clients! [FIX] Fixed crash on first launch where Maps were not preinstalled. [FIX] Lots of error checking on load in relation to resources. Build 86 - 2.9.11 (October 15, 2018) ----------------------------------- [ADD] Movement Trail can now be cleared via View menu. [ADD] Movement Trail can now have two colors set for gradient drawing. [FIX] Mapper will no longer check for map updates when using a custom resource directory. [FIX] Mapper no longer requires that a Maps directory or version.xml file exist to load, so it will now prompt to download default maps again when using the default resource directory. [FIX] Numeric fields in settings may now be changed by entering numbers rather than always using the numeric spinner, and have a 3-digit limit. Build 85 - 2.9.10 ----------------------------------- [ADD] You can now supply an alternate path for resources (Maps/Markers/Icons), for those who like to draw on their map or have entirely different settings for different uses. [ADD] You can now disable the UOAssist Notification of Mapper's init in Settings. [FIX] Fixed performance bottleneck associated with facet maps. Was introduced in 2.9.9 with rotation fix. This might break stuff. I'm sure you'll let me know, but I haven't seen any issues. [FIX] If the version.xml file is missing from your Maps directory, Mapper will now continue to load without checking for updates. Build 84 - 2.9.9 ----------------------------------- [FIX] Felucca is once again able to rotate properly. Build 83 - 2.9.8 ----------------------------------- [FIX] Marker XML files are now appropriately whitespaced. [FIX] Movement trail once again works properly when map is unrotated. [FIX] Unrotated map no longer shows invalid position under certain circumstances. Build 82 - 2.9.7 ----------------------------------- [FIX] Vastly improved facet image handling. [FIX] Vastly improved clarity of drawing. [FIX] Maximum zoom level increased to 700%. Build 81 - 2.9.6 ----------------------------------- [ADD] Now checks for the existance of maps and the maps info file before loading fully, and errors and closes if not available. [FIX] Atlas no longer crashes (Reported by Imos of Atlantic). [FIX] Atlas top bar now properly resizes with the window. [FIX] Can once again switch between rotated and unrotated maps without switching facets. Build 80 - 2.9.5 ----------------------------------- [ADD] Map window now remembers if it was Maximized the last time Mapper was closed. [FIX] Map window once again retains its last known position on the screen upon launch. [FIX] When using the map maximized on the display, then minimizing, and finally restoring it to maximized, the map no longer displays white and refuses to update. [FIX] Map once again updates in real-time when Preload Maps is False. [FIX] Movement Trail is now a bit more obvious. Build 79 - 2.9.4 ----------------------------------- [ADD] Constraint of 150% added to marker scaling. [ADD] App and Map updates can now be disabled in Settings. [FIX] Marker Scaling can now be properly enabled and disabled in Settings. Build 78 - 2.9.3 ----------------------------------- [ADD] Movement Trail has been added, with customizable settings. Trail is disabled by default. [ADD] Destination Marker Icon is now customizable in Settings. [ADD] Now has a Real-Time Positioning checkbox in settings. Setting to true will cause your map position to update more frequently. [ADD] No longer redraws the map when the main window is minimized. Cheers for low CPU usage when not in use. [REMOVE] First Launch window no longer used. [FIX] Fixed an exception when saving settings and using EC. [FIX] Marker Opacity is now properly applied when changed in Settings without a restart. [FIX] Added a few missing icons: WEAPONSGUILD, MINAX'SFORTRESS, COUNSELORSGUILD [NOTE] Prepping for HiDPI release. Build 76 - 2.9.1 ----------------------------------- [ADD] Clicking a marker now automatically sets that as your destination. [FIX] Destination arrow once shows properly. [FIX] Drawing speed drastically increased. Older systems should see a significant difference. [FIX] Blur on high-zoom reduced. [FIX] Select Markers window now properly displays checkboxes in virtual machines. [FIX] Mapper now properly begins tracking on load when using Enhanced Client. Build 75 - 2.9 ----------------------------------- [ADD] The main window can now be dragged around by the empty area of the MenuBar between the menus and the zoom controls. [FIX] Adding markers is once again possible. [FIX] Center on Character works again (oops). [FIX] DIsplay update time improved slightly. Build 74 - 2.8.4 ----------------------------------- [FIX] Fixed some issues with map preloading on 64-bit. Build 73 - 2.8.3 ----------------------------------- [FIX] Fixed some facet update issues related to the CPU Usage updates. Build 72 - 2.8.2 ----------------------------------- [FIX] CPU Usage massively reduced for Classic Client. [FIX] Settings changes now save on close (or when clicking OK in the Settings window) to reduce lag. Build 71 - 2.8.1 ----------------------------------- [ADD] 64-bit Beta Reintroduction Build 70 - 2.8 Milestone ----------------------------------- [ADD] 8x8 map overlay [ADD] Color customization for overlays in File > Options Build 68 ----------------------------------- [ADD] On newer operating systems, if Mapper detects that it is not run as Administrator, it will automatically attempt to relaunch as admin five times before failing and notifying the user (FIVE times...I'm an over-achiever). [FIX] X/Y and Lat/Long coordinate conversions finally nailed down. Build 67 ----------------------------------- [ADD] New setting in Performance for Active Position Polling. Disabling will reduce CPU usage when using Classic Client. [REM] Removed UORadio Player, standalone player available at ultimamapper.com Build 66 ----------------------------------- [NEW] 64-bit initial release [FIX] UORadio stream info corrections. Build 65 ----------------------------------- [ADD] Users may now control the height of other users' health bar on their map via right-click. [FIX] User font and size settings now function properly. Build 64 ----------------------------------- [FIX] User color selection now works (DOH!) [FIX] Network settings no longer fail with extraneous spaces. Build 63 ----------------------------------- [NEW] THB Import, found in the Markers menu. Build 62 ----------------------------------- [NEW] Now supports font face and size selection for other users on the map. Build 61 ----------------------------------- [FIX] UORadio Player status now properly updates when a DJ is live. Build 60 ----------------------------------- [FIX] UORadio Player now remembers last volume. [FIX] UORadio now updates properly when DJs take over the stream. Build 59 ----------------------------------- [FIX] You can now actually STOP the UORadio stream (lol). [FIX] UORadio status no longer shows blank when first starting the stream. Build 58 ----------------------------------- [NEW] Added UORadio player. [NEW] Users may now select the color used to draw other users on the map. [FIX] Versions of Windows older than Vista no longer erroneously report that the app is not running as Admin. [FIX] Updater once again displays current version correctly. [FIX] Removed some old Classic Client setup info. [NOTE] Windows XP is not officially supported by the application runtime libraries, and if it works it is truly a miracle. [NOTE] Continued work on 64-bit build support. Build 57 ----------------------------------- [NEW] Now automatically detects and selects CC instances. [NEW] Supports housing. [FIX] Now shows Classic Client how-to in First Launch window. [FIX] Zoom increased to 550% [FIX] Now exits properly when using the close button while using Enhanced Client. [FIX] Saving settings no longer forces a reconnect if already connected. [FIX] Facet changing in CC improved, but not perfected. [NOTE] Continued work on 64-bit build support. Build 54 ----------------------------------- [FIX] Periodic server polling now resends position data instead of just doing a timed TCP/IP Poll. This should fix timeouts. Build 53 ----------------------------------- [NEW] Stack trace and logging refinements. [FIX] Should now determine user's OS correctly if using Windows 7 or 8. Build 52 ----------------------------------- [NEW] Added additional logging messages for troubleshooting UOA process. Build 51 ----------------------------------- [NEW] Users may now turn control chat flashing and beeping via the settings window. Build 50 ----------------------------------- [NEW] Holding CTRL during launch now turns off map preloading for those on low memory systems. [FIX] Chat's "Pin" button now maintains proper positioning when the window is resized. [FIX] Chat can now be launched when the map window is set to a small size. [FIX] Mapper should no longer crash when closing the window using the window's close button. Build 49 ----------------------------------- [NEW] Users may now pin the Chat window to the top of the window stack. [NEW] URL Protocol now sets the destination marker for directions. [NEW] Added the ability to generate HTML Links by right-clicking Markers. [FIX] Clear Corpse Markers renamed to Clear Temporary Markers. [FIX] Clear Temporary Markers now removes those added from links. [FIX] Installer updated to properly create URL Protocol once again. [FIX] Marker links no longer spawn multiple instances of Mapper. [FIX] Switching from EC to CC multiple times in a single session no longer causes the application to hang. [FIX] Clicking in the textbox after sending a message is no longer required in order to type a new message. [FIX] Chat window flashing changed to system beep sound so as to no longer affect full-screen players. [FIX] Map Updates moved to earlier in the loading process. [REM] Bottom bar on main window has been removed. Classic Client controls have been moved to zoom controls areas. Build 48 ----------------------------------- [NEW] Maps are now updated separately from the main application to reduce update size when only Map updates are needed, or vice-versa. [FIX] Mapper now ensures that map files exist for proceeding with the loading process. Build 47 ----------------------------------- [NEW] Added Donations nag system. Build 46 ----------------------------------- [NEW] Maps moved to user's My Documents folder to make changing them in the future easier. [NEW] Marker icons moved to user's My Documents folder to make adding new icons easier. [FIX] Client will now periodically poll the server when no messages are exchanged, prevent connection hangs. [FIX] Map is now updated to proper position on facet change, instead of just changing the facet. [FIX] User health bar is now updated without the need to move on Classic Client. [FIX] Communications to server rate-limited to 2 seconds. Build 45 ----------------------------------- [NEW] Now shows currently selected character and Facet in titlebar for Classic Client. [NEW] Chat added and enabled. [FIX] Map should now appear properly when loading while using Enhanced Client. [FIX] New maps generated which should include all previously missed areas. [FIX] Now properly gets facet from UOA. [FIX] Now saves previous facet based on character. [FIX] Markers can now be added and removed successfully. [FIX] Add Marker window is now properly skinned. [FIX] Select Markers window is now properly skinned. [FIX] Atlas can now be maximized. [REM] Compatability issues forced removal of Portal menu. [REM] Compatability issues forced removal of Tillerman. [REM] Can no longer auto-hide toolbars (they only created confusion and caused other UI issues)